Tantric massage reservation


Tantric massage is the best way to relax your body and mind focusing on the intimate parts of your body. It may seem that this type of massage is all about eroticism. But it is not the truth. Good tantric massage involves breathing exercises and meditation. In addition, the so-called Namaste ritual serves to pay respect to the body that is being pampered. A skilled masseuse knows how to heal you using only touches and works with all your senses.

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Feel pampered

Choose the tantra lady for you according to your preferences. She is the person who will lead you through this road of pleasures and prepares you for the experience of your senses. Starting with the bath, you will proceed to the Namaste ritual – manifest respect for each other and the opposite entities. After the massage, you will have time for yourself and let your body absorb the sensual experience. If you wish, you can wash off the remains of the oils that have not been absorbed during the process. Certain kind of refreshments is available at any time.

Choose the best program

You can choose whatever suits you the most. If you are shy or new, we recommend choosing classic or body tantra lasting from 45 minutes to 1 hour. More courageous clients should try body mutual or sensual tantra. If two hands are too less for you, ask for two masseuses and enjoy double pleasure. Do you like secrets? Try out our secret dark program and surprise yourself or your friend. Tantric massage is not only for individuals – you can try it even as a couple.

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Make a reservation

In Tantra Diamond Bratislava, the best way to enjoy the complete pleasure of massage is to make a reservation via phone number +421 904 464 927 or online reservation of tantra massage Thus you can be sure that you will have what you like with who you want. Everything depends on the mutual agreement. You will never regret it.